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  • We provide consulting to high performance innovation processes, designing and executing business strategies that combine business, legal and design tactics. We know how to evolve the DNA of your company to strengthen it or give it a greater economic, social and cultural impact. If you value your intellectual assets and want to identify or amplify horizons, we can help you make better decisions. The innovation based on intangible assets (brand, know how, intellectual property, etc) allows new opportunities to overcome challenges in the in the knowledge economy.

    Your intellectual assets can be the basis to create and capture value. Contact us and let us work with you.

  • We conduct our work of innovation from an interdisciplinarily perspective and for that it is necessary to set up work teams tailored to each client. Luciano Rodríguez Alcala, Senior Consultant in innovation, leads and coordinates these teams. As a lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property, Rodriguez Alcala has actively worked on the design of business strategies, the construction and implementation of public policies and the creation of educational content in more than 14 countries. His work has focused on strengthening and amplifying the impact of his clients' intellectual DNA through the complex art of strategic decisions.

    Currently, he provides assistance in integrated strategies of Intellectual Property and business innovation to firms that shine in the dialogue of innovation, such as Frank Stephenson Design, based in London, founded by the former design manager of Ferrari, Maserati and McLaren.

  • Luciano is a permanent professor at the University of Buenos Aires and has been Visiting Professor at Universities of Latin America, the United States and Europe, on issues of intangible assets, business design and innovation.

    2000: Lawyer University of Buenos Aires. 2007: Co-Founder of NGO Creatividad Ética for the promotion of design and good practices in America and Europe - with the support of Herman Miller USA -. 2011: Content Coordination, International Design Competition for Emergencies. 2012: Agreements of Understanding between Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione Visiva and Creatividad Ética and between Torino Design Week and Ethical Creativity. 2012/2013: Content Coordination, Exhibition Design Abroad Italia. 2013: Guest Professor Istituto Europeo di Design, Torino. 2013: Integration to the group of 150 international experts Global Net Society Institute. 2017: Winner of the position of Chair Professor at the University of Buenos Aires. 2017: Visiting Professor Domus Academy, California, USA. 2018: Visiting Professor Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain. 2018: First pilot experience of the UBA Innovation Laboratory (Faculty of Design + Faculty of Administration), University of Buenos Aires


  1. Intellectual Assets Management
  2. Business Design
  3. Legal Consultancy
  4. Learning


"Intellectual assets are the DNA of an innovative company"
Collaboration Pro-Bono for wonderful causes
“The Know How and the brand are infinitely scalable intangible assets”
“We dream. And with the same passion we help you validate your business ideas”


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